Aloha Pineapple

Aloha pineapple 
Try to concentrate on keeping the tower up and don’t let it collapse while you tap each slice. It’s so exciting, hitting the slices with the gavel.
"Aloha pineapple” is a fun toy for the whole family. A lucky symbol and lively bright image of the pineapple is also a gift that gives you energy.
Kukkia celebrated its 10th anniversary, this year and has been thinking about the next decade. Will it be filled with sweet and sour fun? We will not forget gratitude to our loyal customers and aim to continue to become a colorful fruit!
The Pineapple plant produces many flowers that become only one beautiful fruit.
We like this concept and so the Pineapple grows with plenty of power from the sun and the earth, it is full of life-force.  Perfect for friends and family as a gift to celebrate a special day.