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Anna Benson
Dysfunctional but pretty

It’s more an exercise of frustration tolerance for the kids than a happy play-along fun. The balls get stuck so frequently that they can’t play it alone and an adult has to come every second or third ball to shake it up. Only when being shaken regularly, a ball will drop in the hole from where it can roll out. The pen which is supposed to do that doesn’t do it effectively. So yes it looks pretty but sadly it doesn’t work as it should.

valeria de lisio

Gatcha Gatcha - Bingo Set

hannah azimzadeh
gotcha gotcha bingo set

the actual toy is beautiful and well made however whom ever decided that the cards with the numbers should be done in yellow ....should really do more research and that thought process and design stage went wrong so difficult to see and I have 50/50 vision and know my numbers now imagine how my 5 year old will be trying to find the number on the card it faint yellow tiny numbers a real shame but I will make my own cards for this

Julia Mauelshagen
gatchaGatcha Bingo Set

Gorgeous and fun to play with. unfortunately the balls keep getting stuck so nothing comes out and you have to shake it first. But still a great way of exercising numbers!